• Julius Leistriz was born in Berlin, studying Jazz-Drums in his hometown. Coming from playing the Trombone since his youth he is now the drummer of MOAB since 2017, where he incorporates his musical influence ranging between Reggae, Trap, Jazz and classical music. Julius also produces Dark-Psy and plays the drums in various other projects as Mandukia, Antinational Embassy and different Jazz Combos.

  • Noah Frick is a Berlin-born musician, soundengineer and producer, playing the guitar at MOAB since 2019. His experience as a Dub producer introduces a playful Dub-Style and crispy licks to the sound of MOAB. Noah has mixed and dubbed the Fyah & Omega production. In his tonstr.studio, he produces electronic music between Psy and Dub as well as recordings for various artists.

  • Adrian „Ras Kinki“ Krause is a musician from Berlin, who learned to play various instruments before finding his passion for the Bass-Guitar. Since 2017 he is playing with MOAB, setting the Bass-Foundation with a drive to the music. Kinki strongly contributes to the Roots-Reggae vibe, bringing influence of diverse Worldmusic. He is playing besides MOAB with Mandukia and Antinational Embassy, being booked as well occasionally for the Downtown Steppas.

  • Julian „Asher“ Roux was raised in Capetown, being educated as a singer, dancer and soundengineer. Since 2018 he is singing with MOAB, forming their sound’s character with strong lyrics, the special sound of his voice and an improvisational approach. Julian has already made a name for himself in Berlin at various jam-sessions, as well as with the lots of projects he was and is involved with – besides MOAB at the present time the Downtown Steppas and One Drop. As a solo-singer, Julian has worked with multiple producers and in the recording sessions for MOAB’s Fyah & Omega Album, he took over the roll of technical coordination.

  • Lukas „Luki“ Janz is guitarist at MOAB since 2017. MOAB relies on him for crisp skank and floating melodies. Asides being a member of MOAB, Luki composes as a solo artist and takes part in Mandukia. While his musical influence ranges from Roots and Jazz via progressive Rock and experimental music as far back as to classical music, the special style of Luki’s play alterns the band’s sound rhythmically as well as melodically.

  • Isadora „Eezys“ Krause plays the Keys with MOAB since 2018, skanking uplifting Offbeats, while filling up with unmistakable melodies. She is mostly influenced by Hip-Hop and Soul. She as well, doesn’t only play music with MOAB: She also contributes in a female punk band and a live Hiphop project, together with Her Ally.

  • Stefano „Rastafano“ Kreetz is a singer and guitarist from Berlin. Since 2017 he sings with MOAB, being also the voice of Mandukia as well as composing and performing as a solo artist, with no fear of busking. His love for travelling combined with his ability to feel into the vibe to derive soulful lyrics with inspired melodies define Rastafano’s style.


and the history behind

MOAB is a group of individuals who have come together to play reggae music. Their sound, consisting of drums, bass, two guitars, keys and two vocalists is a fusion of many musical influences creating the meditative ambience which they have become known for. With roots in Berlin and Cape Town, a unique constellation found its way into existence behind urban island Moabit’s golden door rehearsal room. The musicians share a love for jamming and improvisation which have laid the foundation for their song orchestration.
MOAB’s members have grown up in Berlin and Cape Town, where all of them played in different constellations in different parts of the world for joy and the love of music. That is why it is difficult to mark a specific moment where MOAB started existing. An important part of the foundation is the room with the golden door; this magical room canalized the flowing energy and made space for composition. The Room, although an initially undefined melting pot for creativity, began being shaped by the musicians and their enthusiasm to make music the focal point. After beginning a regular jam session, more and more like-minded people began showing interest in sharing the space, contributing equipment and exchanging musical ideas. This unsuspectingly chaotic place became the home of their creative hopes and dreams; a haven where their Projects could grow and take life.
The first presentation of the music took place in self-organized jams outside in the parks of Berlin, by a lake near the rehearsal room and in the streets of Moabit, where a big part of MOAB band members lived at that time. These were open sessions where people joined the open mic and brought vocals to the predominantly jammed reggae music. You could call it experimentation with the discovered ability to use music as a tool to create a bubble of oneness and love of life. The first MOAB concert took place in Germany 2017, on a farm called Kampsheide near Hannover, where a relative of part of the crew lives, creating and teaching music himself.
MOAB was then also invited to record there in 2018, which amounted to the up-coming debut album „Fyah & Omega“; consisting of the 12 original songs they had in their repertoire to date.
Since then, the band is performing on Reggae fests, parties, solidarity events and private events in Berlin and is looking forward to any opportunity to play and share the vibe of their music.